View of Frankfurt: Without change there is no development, no renewal, no progress.



From Motivation to Action:
Consulting for organizational, culture and team development

In a structured and goal-oriented manner, I will support strategic and organizational development and change management. With keen vision, I analyze organizational and cultural impacts, advise on design and implementation. So you can determine what is truly important, develop and implement concrete solutions.

You will profit from more than 20 years of working experience in a multitude of national and international strategic and organizational projects. From a broad-based theoretical framework and methodological toolbox and my ability to think fast and complex within your specific challenge.


„Petra combines conceptual strength with excellent facilitation and leadership competencies. She was an outstanding consultant to me during a very complex re-structuring project.“

Dr. Michael Howaldt (Site Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim Biopharmaceuticals)
„Petra has in any situation been able to bring clarity to complex situations… which has been essential to creating a base for the successful implementation of our outsourcing contracts.“

François Guyonnet (VP Global Customer Programs Americas, Orange Business Services)
„I appreciate Petra’s pragmatic and solution-oriented way of working, But most of all, the fact that she listens very carefully and is able to understand extremely quickly and thoroughly the different perspectives of everyone involved.“

Martina Goddard (People & Organizational Development – HR International – HR Business Partner, Merz Pharma)
„During the strategic and organizational change we undertook, Petra’s contribution was pivotal for us bringing a demanding and intensive process to a very convincing result within only very few months. We would surely not have achieved this without her support.“

Axel Rhein (Chairman of IW Medien GmbH)
Petra has been an important partner in dialogue for me as well as a central member of our project teams – in conceptual and in short-term-oriented crisis management situations alike.

Jörg Bordt (Leiter Customer Care Management T-Online)
„Due to Petra’s independent facilitation especially during workshops on critical decisions, we were able to find solutions that all involved parties could agree to.“

Kai Schubert (Service Development, T-Online)
„Petra was first choice for me and my team whenever we were looking for support in organizational, HR-political and conceptual/strategic challenges… those looking for a congenial partner in dialogue will find no better.“

Jürgen Dostal (former director Metallgesellschaft, debis Systemhaus, Deutsche Telekom, Global One, T-Systems)
„Petra Andres set the process up in a way that turned the managers into ambassadors of the new philosophy. This was a significant step towards the successful start of the new organization.“

Dr. Hans-Joachim Kogelnik (klöckner pentaplast)
„The dialogue with Petra Andres was important to the Board. It helped us to focus the activities of the subprojects and to stringently manage the project teams.“

Prof. Dr. Michael Hüther (IW Köln)


From Motivation to Action:
Individual and team coaching for executives, high potentials, project leaders

Curiosity, acceptance, and clarity are the keys if you want to achieve change rather than yearn for it. As your coach, I will support you in taking new perspectives in order to find solutions that will move you forward. So you can break old patterns and take confident action.

Together, we will find the coaching path that fits you. No matter which path we take, you can trust well-established coaching methods. I am certified according to strict international standards, base my work on the Metatheory of Change and draw from Systems Theory and Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Depth and Organizational Psychology. 

With a passion for what is new, discretion for what is essential and mindfulness for what is possible.

„During the coaching process, my company was undergoing a re-organization. Petra accomodated my constantly changing situation without ever losing the thread. It was a very efficient personal development process.“
„Each session did not only help me on a factual level, it also felt good: Petra knows how to encourage, how to open your eyes and how to disentangle the knots in your head in a seemingly easy manner – always with the perfect dose of heart and humor. “
„Petra has helped me during a critical phase by intuitively grasping my situation and asking few but very pointed questions. I achieved clarity and finally started to move towards my goals.“
„The coaching was important to me finding and claiming my position during re-organization.“
„I learnt how to better respond to and manage my emotions. The focused tools I took away have helped me to communicate better on a day-to-day basis.“
„I had to lead the organization through difficult change. The coaching sessions were my place to find clarity and certitude for my positions.“
„Time and again, Petra will help me take an unexpected perspective at my situation. These have increased my understanding and improved my decisions.“
„I delight in the dialoge and your keen mind.“


From Challenge to Resource:
Coaching for the Gifted and Consulting for Giftedness in Organizations

There is little doubt that the cognitively gifted have extraordinary skills and strengths, are able to think agile and out-of-the-box. A potential that most organizations do not recognize nor tap into – despite elaborate programs promoting change and innovation. Gifted talents often fail because of inflexible organizational cultures and a lack of social competencies. In today’s world, it becomes easier for them to find a way out through self-employment, unconventional start-ups, or the gig-economy. Targeted consulting can help to resolve a stand-off situation, trigger successful learning and development processes, as well as identify and tap the potential of the gifted for the organization.

As a member of the biggest global organizations for gifted people (Mensa und Intertel), I am familiar with these challenges and have developed and specialized my coaching approach for the cognitively gifted.

Download: get up & go – coaching and consulting for the gifted (PDF)

This approach allows the coachee to

  • Work at their own quick pace and their own complexity – no ifs, ands, or buts,
  • Lay down their cognitive weapons,
  • Explore heretofore underrated alternative ways of action,
  • Develop new strategies for individual challenges – from changing perspective to communicating ideas, objectives, and plans.

Based on many years of experience, my coaching and consulting is customized for:

  • Gifted people looking for a coach and partner for dialogue on a par.
  • Companies looking for a coach to support those intellectually potent talents and leaders who struggle to unfold their full potential in the system and culture.
  • Organizations searching to build systematic HR-instruments directed at supporting and tapping into the potential of the cognitively gifted.

Typically, people who are gifted

  • Will find repetition and routine tiring,
  • Are naturally curious and have a high energy for learning,
  • Understand complex and latent connections quickly,
  • Thrive on challenges,
  • Question information and identify weaknesses and unresolved issues,
  • Do not shy away from pointing out what they believe is obvious,
  • Work at a fast pace on anything they find interesting,
  • And will then prove to be an impatient driving force.

Gifted people often have an asynchronous personal development: They oscillate between the intellectual world of adults and the emotional world of their age peers. They think and act differently from children, teenagers, and young adults of the same age which means that often there is limited opportunity to learn and practice relevant social competencies. If there is no touch-point where the worlds meet on a par (e.g. in sports) and there is a lack of social experience and learning, integrating into organizational systems and cultures can be a challenge: The impact stays restricted to the field of expertise but many resources remain untapped by the organization as a result.

Often, if cognitively gifted people are expected to successfully lead a team, manage a project, or work in a team, they have to catch up on certain typical fields of learning and development:

  • Handle adequately their own high expectations of themselves but also of colleagues, their boss, and their staff.
  • Recognize and adapt decision criteria apart from logic and intellect.
  • Accept and learn to use political reflection and action in modern organizations by consciously allowing nuances and gray zones.
  • Set clear priorities and stay focused – instead of enthusiastically starting new projects before current ones are finished.
  • Set boundaries to the extent of personal engagement in order to stay healthy and not burn out.


Petra Andres has been consulting and coaching organizations, teams and executives since 1993. From challenging individual situations to highly complex organizational change projects, she works nationally and internationally such as in the US, extended periods in France or other European countries.

Petra acquired her coaching and systemic organizational consulting degrees from the Hephaistos Coaching-Center in Munich and is an ICF Professional Certified Coach. She is certified to administer Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Developmental Survey (HDS), Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI), MBTI® and FIRO-B® for individuals and groups. Petra studied at Pennsylvania State University (USA) and HEC Montréal (Kanada), she holds a diploma in Business Administration from the WHU Koblenz.

Continuing Education

  • Agile project management
  • Communication and facilitation, special focus: virtual workshops and meetings
  • Conflict management
  • Transactional analysis
  • MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction/ Jon Kabat-Zinn)
  • Systemic work with individuals and organizations
  • Therapeutic work (Family Therapy and Gestalt)



  • German, English, French

Download: profile Petra Andres (PDF)


get up & go is requirement and request: Only people who take responsibility for their decisions and actions will act confidently in complex situations, will be able to steadily lead themselves and others.

The unperturbed focus on the essence of the situation – I will support, challenge, advise and facilitate clients, teams and organizations into action.

In three words: analytical, straightforward, practical.

I connect the dots to help you align your objectives and the perspectives of the people whose roles and jobs are changing. So your organization will follow through on your goals.

Nobody – including me – can legitimately guarantee success. However, you can always rely on me to start the ball rolling for your organization – in a straightforward, yet mindful way.



I will be happy to provide more information about specific projects.

  • ABB
  • Axis Communications
  • debis Systemhaus
  • Deichkind Enterprises
  • Deutsche Bahn
  • Deutsche Lufthansa
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Dornbach Treuhand GmbH
  • Eric Salmon & Partners
  • France Télécom / Orange Business Services
  • Global One
  • Heraeus
  • innogy
  • Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln
  • IW Medien
  • KfH Kuratorium für Dialyse und Nierentransplantation 
  • Koerfer Gruppe
  • NEC Corporation
  • NMY Mixed-Reality Communication
  • RKW Kompetenzzentrum
  • Smartmove
  • Sykes Enterprises
  • Thomas Cook
  • T-Home
  • T-online International
  • T-Systems International


 In larger projects, I cooperate with partners from my network.

consulting impact where the name speaks for itself:
Highly effective support from a strong team.
Projects: Bezirkskliniken Mittelfranken, Boehringer Ingelheim, BSH, E.ON, Fraunhofer, Generali, Infineon, Malteser,
Merz Pharma, Mettler Toledo, Microsoft, MunichRe, Roche Diagnostics, United Monolithic Semiconductors

developing talent: A global network of experienced coaches at the highest level.
Projects: Nestlé Purina, Nestlé Deutschland, Philip Morris International

Kirsten Brühl: An important partner to create the link to the future of work.


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